2022 Toys"R"Us Global Style Guide 
I was tasked with leading and designing the 2022 style guide for use both here in the US and with our global partners in over 900 stores around the world. 
Limitless Imagination explores toys and play styles that help fuel imaginations and champions play every day, because a kid's job is to play. We wanted to convey this "coloring outside the lines" approach that children have with their imaginations, the possibilities are endless and the fun never stops.
Role: Creative direction and design
Freelance Designers: Jexel De JesusRaechel Kronyak
Some of the new hero "R"s designed for use across social, web, or in store marketing.
Multiple themes and holidays were designed for with the intention of creating more throughout the year for various events and activations.
We created a set of over 100 unique icons with an alternate white stroke option for each one. The icons pictured are just a few of the general toy category ones made.
Since this is a global guide, we wanted to try and create assets for as many major holidays in our international markets as possible, resulting in 15 different holiday icon sets including each holiday having its own custom color scheme. 
Catalog cover variations and catalog spreads
Sample social posts, in feed carousel posts and story posts
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