Concert Tracker 
Right at the start of the Covid lockdown, I found myself sick with Covid and home quarantining for a week with not much to do. I started to wonder exactly how many times have I seen certain bands or been to specific venues, so I went through all of my ticket stubs and scoured my emails and old memory cards for photos to piece together almost every show I've ever been to. 
I compiled it all into a spread sheet and made a quick little infographic for all of my shows up until 2020 halted things. I still obsessively track every show I have been to and at the end of each year, it is nice to look back and reflect on it, like my own "Concerts Wrapped".
Here is a brief look at the spreadsheets tracking both the concerts themselves and then my sheet of tracking specific bands.
Here are a few of my favorite recent concert memories.
(Don't judge the low-quality, old iPhone pictures)
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